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This site gets its name from the hieroglyphic for the ancient Egyptian god Toth.  According to Egyptian mythology, Toth invented the scribal art of writing.  There are of course many other mythological sources for this important skill, about which Abraham Lincoln wrote “this more than anything else distinguishes us from savages.’

The selection of Toth for the name of this site is made rather rather in the spirit with which humans have been assigning and making names through history: arbitrarily!

The ‘three’ in the name is to recognize that among many world views, those framed in the binary or flat, two- dimensioned world of duality and those framed in the of spatial, three-dimensioned world of trinity are always and forevermore worth long, hard study and thought.  More specifically, the duality of the Platonic ideal that dominates much of the last two thousand years of western thought and science may usefully be contrasted by the trinitarian philosophy of C. S. Peirce, whose inportant work — done contemporaneously with Edwin Abbott’s ‘Flatland; a Romance of Many Dimensions — is only now being recognized.

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